Fiona Maazel
I'm doing in terms of events, less what transpires in the darkness of my inner life.

I am so bad at updating this page. I’m sorry. I suck at self-promotion. I suck at information sharing, too. So, let’s see.

I have another story in Harper’s. Rule.

I wrote a bit on Leni Zumas’s Red Clocks for Book Forum.

I won a Guggenheim. Yay!

I wrote in praise of Steve Erickson’s Shadowbahn.

I wrote in praise of Karan Mahajan’s novel The Association of Small Bombs. And now it’s a finalist for the NBA. So *someone* has good taste…

I have a story in Harper’s, about which I’m happy. Plus, it’s going to be anthologized in Best American Short Stories 2017.

I wrote a piece for Salon about complexity and art. I helped judge the PEN/Bingham award this year, which was an undertaking. But also pretty fun.

Woke Up Lonely was a finalist for the Believer Book Award, along with some other great books. Rebecca Lee’s collection took it, which I felt good about because those stories are fierce.

Woke Up Lonely recently came out in Israel with Keter Books. I’m especially psyched about that because I have so much family there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins–you know.

I had four minutes of fun on This American Life. Adventure Stories! I sent four guys to a burning pit of hellfire in Turkmenistan.

I also wrote this piece about the music I listened to most while writing Woke Up Lonely, which you can check out here.

One time, I did this, which was embarrassing. Long Live Tony.

Otherwise, what else can I tell you? The Internet’s really big, go read something!