Okay, so if you’re looking for a list of articles and short pieces I’ve published with whatever links I can find, here you go:

A piece about expectation and anger in the context of my asshole dog. Love Dog, 2021

A story about how much slack we’re allowed to give ourselves as parents. Harper’s, May 2020

A review of Susan Choi’s Trust Exercise. BookForum, April/May 2019

Fiction about when to let the love in. Harper’s, October 2018.

A bit on Leni Zumas’s Red Clocks. BookForum, 1.1.2018

A review of Steve Erickson’s Shadowbahn. The New York Times, 2.10.17.

Fiction about parenting and social media. Harper’s, June 2016. Anthologized in Best American Short Stories 2017.

review of The Association of Small Bombs. The New York Times, 3.15.16.

Fiction about a sperm donor. Ploughshares, Summer 2015.

piece about art that made some people mad. Salon, 9.12.14.

A review of The City Under the Skin. The New York Times, 8.29.14.

A piece about auto-immune disease that I hope helped some people. Oprah Magazine, June 2014.

A piece about bad grammar that made some people mad. The Millions, 1.7.14.

piece about The Incredible Dr. Pol. Salon, 11.13.13.

piece about self-referential fiction and truth and all that good stuff. The Millions, 8.14.13.

piece about Google Earth and North Korea. The New York Times, 3.29.13.

Fiction about the one percent. Salon, Selected Shorts, 10.17.11.

An interview with Bomb Magazine; an interview with the Rumpus; an interview with the LA Times Review of Books; an interview with Slice Magazine; an interview with fatboyreview; an interview with