Fiona Maazel
I've written or wish I'd written or want to write one day.

This is my third novel, A Little More Human. It’s about a guy who wakes up with no memory of what he did last light, only to be presented with evidence that he assaulted a woman. He then spends the rest of the novel trying to find out if he did or did not do this horrible thing. The book’s about what it feels like not to know anything about who you really are. It’s a bit of a crime thriller. Plus a little sci-fi. And some family drama. I hope it’s a page turner at the very least. You can get it here


This is my second novel. It’s about a cult leader, his ex-wife, and the four people he takes hostage. It’s about loneliness in America. It’s also about North Korea. A city underneath the city of Cincinnati. Cloud seeding. Espionage. Eavesdropping. It’s also, you know, a big old love story. To buy, click here. And thanks.


My first novel! It’s about an immortal and lethal strain of plague that gets released piecemeal across the country by a bioterrorizing lunatic. It’s about a young woman struggling with addiction and alcoholism in the middle of all this turmoil. It’s about reincarnation and ego diminishment. There’s also a Viking, but he doesn’t talk much. Want to buy it? Great. Click here. Thanks!


I finished this one at my gym, on the stationary bike, and burst into tears. An incredibly moving story–harrowing–but also a massive indictment of the United States and the “promise” we still hold out for people seeking reprieve here.


What a great little book. The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis meets Woodcutters plus some genocide. Very harrowing and, horribly, very funny.

A great novel. Forces you to rethink Holocaust narratives and the vantage and perspective from which they are often told.

One of my favorite novels ever.