Fiona Maazel
I've made because why not.

Oh, back when I was 32 (32!), I made an author bio. Some things have changed since then, but not the essentials. I was still born in Cleveland, for instance. So…here it is!



I made this movie about Woke Up Lonely. Some clips of some of the research I did plus other weird stuff. Got eight minutes to spare?

On the left here, I’ve got some people reading the opening to my new novel, Woke Up Lonely, which just published. Because, why not.

Me and Kim went to a museum.




As you might have gathered, I’ve been making a series of movies with Kim Jong-il. Here, we go to Greece. It was romantic. I got seasick, but Kim was fine.


It was a lovely day in Leipzig. Kim wanted to go for a ride.


Landed in a little airport in Krakow. Had to take a train to the city, but it felt less industrial than it sounds. Wonder why…



We got on a plane.

I made this movie at Yaddo a few years ago because my writing was going so well!

Marfa, Texas, 2006. One of my favorite places. Wrote a good deal of my first novel there. Hardly spoke to anyone. Watched the thistle. Imagined them in love. Made a movie.



I made this movie for the New York Times to go along with a piece I wrote for them about a tending bar in Oxford, England. You can read it here.